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NACL made a significant impact at CES 2023, joining forces with news anchor Katie Scott, NACL President David Chen, and Brand Ambassadors Mercanthony and King Kryptix to team up with Roland at their award-winning booth. The team was on site to film content, live stream interviews, and test products, creating valuable media for their news shows.


CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is a global trade show that brings together some of the world's most innovative companies and products. This year's show was no exception, with over 4,000 exhibitors showcasing their latest tech offerings.

At the Roland booth, NACL Brand Ambassadors were gifted with a Bridgecaster, which further enhanced their ability to create high-quality content and live streaming. The team's presence at the booth was a valuable addition, providing insights into the latest technologies and innovations in the music and gaming industries.

Overall, NACL's involvement at CES 2023 showcased their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation. Their presence at the event demonstrated their ability to bring unique perspectives to the latest trends and technologies, providing valuable media coverage for their news shows.

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