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NACL's presence at the Miami Art Basel 2022 was a significant moment for the organization as it participated in several events, including Dcentral Con Miami, Bit Basel with Vela Group, and an activation with Unrevealed. Dcentral Con is a blockchain conference that brings together prominent individuals in the web3 space, including entrepreneurs, investors, and developers.


During Dcentral Con, NACL had the opportunity to interview some of the most prominent individuals in the web3 space, providing valuable insights into the future of blockchain technology. NACL also filmed and created videos for Blocklords, one of its sponsors, which generated a lot of buzz and excitement among the conference attendees.

At Dcentral Con, BlockLords also shared a short clip of a conversation between Michael Besping and NACL President David Chen, which created a buzz among friends and fans. However, it was all in good fun, and the event continued without any issues.

Overall, NACL's involvement in the Miami Art Basel event was a testament to its passion for art, music, and technology, and its commitment to showcasing innovative approaches to gaming and technology.

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