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In a groundbreaking collaboration, NACL teamed up with the Raiden Science Foundation (RSF), Roland Corporation, and Evo to create a powerful synergy. EVO, renowned as the pinnacle of the fighting game world, became the stage for an unprecedented partnership that aimed not only to celebrate gaming excellence but also to raise awareness and funds for RSF's mission.


What we did:
The collaboration aimed to spread awareness of RSF's mission and raise funds for rare disease research. NACL brought Roland into the mix to support the cause, creating limited edition faceplates for BRIDGE CAST to giveaway designed to showcase the logos of RSF, NACL, Roland, and Evo.

The booth featured content creators, gaming activities, and giveaways to engage attendees and convey the importance of RSF's cause.
Limited edition BRIDGE CAST faceplates became a focal point, not only supporting RSF but also promoting Roland's latest product.

Impact on Roland:
The collaboration strategically targeted EVO's gaming audience, aligning Roland with the esports and gaming community—the ideal demographic for BRIDGE CAST.
Limited edition faceplates served as a unique marketing tool, creating buzz and enhancing the product's appeal within its target audience.

The collaboration successfully raised awareness for RSF's mission, with the limited edition faceplates becoming a symbol of support, and creators' support.
Funds generated through the initiative contributed to RSF's ongoing research efforts.

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