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SEMA Fest unfolds as an exhilarating two-day celebration dedicated to the vibrant world of car culture and all things automotive. This dynamic event seamlessly weaves together iconic names and brands, crafting the ultimate automotive playground teeming with an impressive array of cars, trucks, thrilling demonstrations, music, delectable cuisine, captivating art, and diverse vendors. Notable attractions include:


Ride-and-Drive Activations: Exciting automotive experience Formula Drift.
Consumer Marketplace: Explore a bustling hub of automotive and retail that promise to leave a lasting impression long after SEMA Fest concludes.
Freestyle Motocross Show: Nitro Circus at the spectacle of motorbikes defying gravity in a display that will make you exclaim, "Wait, motorbikes can fly? OH YES!"
World-Class Drifting Display and Competitions: Artistry of drifting up close, where the scent of burning rubber is an experience you won't find on YouTube!
Off-Road Demos: Defying expectations, off-road demonstrations at a music festival – because why limit the excitement to just one dimension?
In addition to these thrilling attractions, multiple concert stages pulsed with energy, featuring some of the biggest names in music.

What we did:

Sim Racing Setups: Virtual racing setups provided an immersive and thrilling experience for attendees.
Arcade Game Corner: Classic arcade games added a nostalgic touch, appealing to a diverse audience.
Photo Booth: Capturing memorable moments and providing a personalized keepsake for attendees.
Jumping Balloon: A unique and enjoyable diversion for the kids while the parents reenergize with our lounge seating
Mario Kart Live Circuit: Bringing a real-world gaming experience to SEMA Fest, adding a dynamic and interactive element.
Lounge Seating Everywhere: Strategically placed seating encouraged socializing and created a welcoming atmosphere.

Establish the GameOn Zone as a haven for SEMA Fest attendees to unwind, recharge, and have fun.
Blend relaxation seamlessly with excitement through a variety of activities.
Measure success through positive attendee feedback, increased foot traffic, and the lounge becoming an integral part of SEMA Fest.

Paid Media: Leveraged paid media to increase visibility and reach a broader audience.
Custom Video Production: Created engaging videos showcasing the GameOn Zone experience, driving online engagement.
Custom Editorial Content: Developed editorial content highlighting the uniqueness of the GameOn Zone, fostering anticipation.
Influencer Marketing: Collaborated with influencers to amplify the reach and generate buzz around the GameOn Zone.

80k Social Media Reach
10k+ Attendees
2k+ Foot traffic within GameOn Zone Area

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