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Coca-Cola Unveils Limited Edition League of Legends-Inspired Soda

Beverage giant Coca-Cola has announced the release of a limited edition variant of its soda inspired by the popular online game League of Legends.

Known as "Ultimate Coca-Cola Zero Sugar," this new drink is part of Coca-Cola's "Creations" line, which partners with various brands to create exclusive and time-limited versions of the beverage.

The flavor of this League of Legends-themed Coke is described as a mystery, with an 85-90% similarity to the original Coca-Cola taste and a 10-15% twist of something unexpected, supposedly capturing the essence of the in-game experience points (XP).

Alongside the release of the drink, League of Legends players can expect to find specially themed Coca-Cola missions within the game, offering opportunities to unlock exclusive "Ultimate" emotes. Furthermore, the cans will feature QR codes that players can scan to access special Instagram filters.

The Ultimate Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is set to launch in North America this week.


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