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Evil Geniuses Gives its Rooster an Ultimatum

Evil Geniuses, the Valorant Champions 2023-winning squad, is apparently at a bit of a crossroads.

After clinching the championship, they were probably expecting celebrations and maybe some bonus checks, right? Well, not quite. It seems that EG has given their star roster an ultimatum: either go hunting for other offers or stick around with EG and face a significant pay cut.

This came after the team's former CEO stepped down, and the new interim CEO took over, stirring the pot of changes. Now, as the off-season sizzles with player moves and free agency announcements, this move by EG has really got fans and esports enthusiasts scratching their heads. Some are even questioning the whole franchising system introduced by Riot Games this year.

Just before this news broke, some of the EG players dropped cryptic tweets hinting at the roster turmoil. Emotions were running high as they expressed their frustration, with one player even saying, "I miss old esports," reminiscing about a time when skill got you on a good team.

And it's not just EG; The Guard, another Valorant team, also dropped their entire roster after a big win. Esports personalities and fans alike are expressing their concern about job security in the industry, wondering if even being the best in the world can guarantee a stable spot. EG hasn't officially confirmed their players' departure or their decision to stay and take that pay cut, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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