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Instagram's Threads Introduces “Trends”

Instagram's Threads is gearing up to take on the behemoth that is X (Twitter), with its new feature. Trends.

A sharp-eyed Threads user spotted this in a leaked screenshot, showing a list of trending topics and the number of active discussions, which is a feature that sounds suspiciously similar to what X offers. But there's a twist, Threads' Trends list doesn't seem to have subcategories like News, Sports, or Entertainment.

Threads has been playing it safe when it comes to news and trends, even blocking certain keywords in their search feature to maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere, which is in stark contrast to X's often critical and negative vibe. But the big question here is whether adding Trends will actually convince users to ditch X for Threads. Early stats don't look too promising, with a drop in Android app usage in its first month and a total of 135 million global monthly active users, which pales in comparison to X's 666 million.

Threads may have to embrace news more boldly to really compete, but the cautious approach they've taken so far suggests that they're treading lightly in the world of breaking stories and timely debates. While this move might help Threads become more competitive with X, it's not alone in this quest. We've got the likes of Mastodon, Bluesky, and startups like Pebble and Spill also trying to dethrone the Elon Musk-owned microblogging empire. Threads' journey has been quite the rollercoaster ride since its launch, quickly reaching 100 million users, but then seeing a decline in usage. They've been adding new features, but to really challenge X, it's all about combining search and trends to become a go-to platform for breaking news and timely conversations.


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