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LG Electronics Partners with Tenstorrent for Advanced Chip Development in Smart Products

LG Electronics has made a significant move in the tech industry by announcing a strategic partnership with Canadian AI computing startup, Tenstorrent. The collaboration aims to develop advanced chips that will power LG's smart consumer appliances and automotive products, promising enhanced AI features and high-performance computing.

Tenstorrent, led by CEO Jim Keller, a renowned microprocessor engineer, brings its expertise in AI computer development to the table. With Keller's impressive background at companies like AMD and Apple, Tenstorrent is well-positioned to contribute to LG's ambitious goals.

LG's expansion strategy goes beyond traditional consumer electronics, as the company seeks to diversify its business portfolio. In addition to this partnership, LG has been making notable strides in electric vehicle components, robotics, and EV charging services, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and growth.

The collaboration with Tenstorrent represents an exciting opportunity for LG to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge technology in its future premium TVs, automotive chips, and other smart products. The announcement has already sparked positive investor sentiment, with LG's shares reaching a 52-week high, signaling confidence in the company's prospects.

Stay tuned for further updates as LG and Tenstorrent work together to shape the future of smart technology, leveraging AI advancements and high-performance computing to revolutionize the user experience in LG's wide range of products.


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