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Markiplier 'Iron Lung,' Trailer

YouTube sensation Markiplier has dropped a brand-new trailer for his upcoming horror film, 'Iron Lung,'

With over 35 million subscribers, this youtuber is known for his horror game playthroughs and branching out into various projects over the years, is now stepping into the world of cinema with his own feature film. 'Iron Lung' is based on David Szymanski's indie horror game of the same name and has been eagerly anticipated by fans.

In the new trailer released on October 14, Mark himself can be seen standing in a massive pool of blood, giving us a taste of the eerie and blood-soaked world of the film. Although the trailer didn't reveal a specific release date, Markiplier assured fans that 'Iron Lung' is "coming soon to theaters."

What's even more surprising is that Mark claims that this horror movie might just break the world record for the most blood on screen, a claim that, interestingly enough, led to Markiplier getting hospitalized.

While we don't have an exact release date yet, keep your eyes peeled because it looks like Markiplier's horror flick is set to leave a lasting mark in the world of cinema, and probably quite a few gallons of fake blood in its wake!


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