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Pikmin™ 4: A Charming Expedition with New Discoveries and Loyal Companions

We all know these critters come in different types, like the fire-resistant Red Pikmin, but this installation will introduce the brand-new Ice Pikmin.

You'll also have the opportunity to create your own explorer and venture out into a world where everyday objects like plants and benches tower over you and your Pikmin. And let's not forget about Oatchi, your trusty space dog companion. He'll be there to lend a paw, smashing obstacles and helping you get around the world with ease.

So, whether you're carefully strategizing your moves or diving headfirst into danger, Pikmin™ 4 promises a charming and exciting adventure where no challenge is too big.

Pre-order now and get ready to embark on an endearing expedition with your loyal Pikmin and a furry companion by your side. Get hyped, everyone!


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