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Prepare for an Epic Battle: Justice League: Warworld Animated Movie

We've got a wild ride coming our way with the upcoming R-rated DC animated movie, Justice League: Warworld.

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman find themselves trapped in different worlds. They must unite and lead a resistance against brutal gladiatorial combat on War World, a planet where they've been mysteriously transported. With each hero in a unique setting—Superman in a black-and-white noir-style crime, Wonder Woman in the wild west, and Batman in a barbaric viking-esque world—the trinity must find a way to form an unbeatable resistance and bring freedom to the entire planet.

Justice League: Warworld is part of the 'Tomorrowverse' animated franchise and features an ensemble cast led by Jensen Ackles as Batman, Stana Katic as Wonder Woman, and Darren Criss as Superman.

The movie, directed by Jeff Wamester, promises an action-packed and visually stunning experience. Get ready for the release on July 25, 2023, as the Justice League takes us on an exciting journey through different worlds to fight for truth, justice, and the liberation of War World.


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