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Prepare for Chills: Phasmophobia Haunts PlayStation 5, PSVR 2, and Xbox Series X | S in August 2023.

In a terrifying trailer, developer Kinetic Games announced that the popular PC horror game, Phasmophobia, will be making its way to PlayStation 5 (PS5), PSVR 2, and Xbox Series X | S in August 2023.

Phasmophobia gained significant popularity upon its PC release in 2020, captivating players with its psychological horror mysteries and cooperative ghost-hunting gameplay.

The game offers online co-op for up to four players, optional crossplay, and a range of features including unique ghost personalities, seasonal events, a reward progression system, collectibles, and customizable difficulty.

With plans to overhaul various systems and promises of continuous content updates, the console version aims to bring the same intense and chilling experience to PlayStation and Xbox players.


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