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Red Bull Gaming and Aimlabs Unite for the Ultimate Showdown: "Red Bull Ready Check

Red Bull Gaming has teamed up with Aimlabs for an exciting event called “Red Bull Ready Check”.

It's a multi-week online skills tournament that will culminate in a live championship on July 29 in Dallas, Texas. The competition will feature a mix of grassroots gamers and seasoned professionals battling it out in a series of tasks designed to test their aiming abilities. To qualify for the championship, competitors will need to use the Red Bull Ready Check Ranked Mode on Aimlabs, completing nine custom tasks that evaluate switching, flicking, and tracking skills.

From June 12 to July 9, players with an Aimlabs account can compete and earn a score on the public leaderboard. The top six US players on the leaderboard will secure their spot in the Red Bull Ready Check Championship. During the championship, eight qualified competitors will face off against eight invited professionals, vying for a chance to win the $25,000 USD grand prize out of the $50,000 prize pool. AOC, serving as a sponsor, will award an AOC monitor to the top player with the highest score on the open ranked ladder each week, along with 16 finalists receiving an AOC monitor. Keep an eye out for Red Bull Gaming's announcement on which pros will be participating in this thrilling competition.


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