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Shift Robotics' Moonwalkers: Boost Your Walking Speed by 250% with Machine Learning Shoes

An American start-up called Shift Robotics has come up with a solution. They've developed a device called "Moonwalkers" that you can strap onto your shoes to boost your walking speed by up to 250 percent.

These shoes, which look like skates, use machine learning algorithms to move only when you do. They can stop, go up and down stairs, and adjust their speed automatically.

Shift Robotics has raised almost $330,000 through Kickstarter and received over 2,000 orders for the shoes as of May 2023. However, the Moonwalkers are currently only available in the United States and come with a hefty price tag of $1,399 per pair.

Shift Robotics aims to enhance walking instead of replacing it, addressing the common complaint that walking is too slow and inefficient. The company's founder and CEO, Xunjie Zhang, was inspired to create the Moonwalkers after a near crash on his scooter during his commute. He believes that walking is safer, more convenient, and better for the environment, yet many people don't rely on it.

The shoes have been tested by a range of people and were found to be easy to use, with most users becoming proficient within 10 to 15 minutes. The viral video showcasing the Moonwalkers on TikTok has already amassed nearly 25 million views.


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