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Showcasing Canadian Talent: Paramount+ Unveils Diverse Content Strategy for Canada

Paramount+ has announced its Canadian content strategy, featuring a diverse slate of projects in collaboration with renowned Canadian production companies.

Paramount's Canadian content lineup aims to showcase the talents of local creators and provide viewers with an array of entertaining and critically acclaimed programming. The streaming service has invested in marketing and publicity for acquired Canadian content, including documentaries and films.

The development includes a Paramount+ original documentary and four new projects. Among the notable productions are "Hate the Player: The Ben Johnson Story," a scripted comedy about the infamous scandal that tarnished the reputation of sprinter Ben Johnson, and "Len & Cub," a limited series based on a true story about the secret relationship between two young men in 20th-century New Brunswick. Additionally, Paramount+ has acquired several Canadian series and films to expand its content offering in Canada.

In addition to the original productions and acquisitions, Paramount+ has partnered with Canadian distributors and media companies to bring a wide range of Canadian content to its platform. With its expanded Canadian catalog, Paramount+ aims to complement its existing content offerings and provide a comprehensive streaming experience for Canadian audiences.


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