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Slipknot Surprises Fans with "Adderall" EP and New Music Videos

Slipknot just dropped a surprise six-song Extended Play called Adderall, complete with two brand new music videos.

The EP features alternative versions and reworkings of their track "Adderall," as well as the previously unreleased songs "Death March," "Red or Redder," and "Hard to Be Here."

Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan directed both music videos, which are for the tracks "Memories (Adderall - Rough Demo)" and "Death March."

In addition to the EP release, Slipknot has been going through some lineup changes lately. Clown is currently taking a break from the band's shows to be with his wife, who is facing undisclosed health issues. Meanwhile, the band recently bid farewell to keyboardist Craig Jones after his 27-year tenure, but a new mystery member has already taken his place.

Slipknot will be hitting the festival circuit in the US in July and September, so be sure to grab your tickets if you want to catch them live.


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