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Sonic Frontiers Unleashes 'Sonic's Birthday Bash' Update: New Skills, Challenges, and Enhancements!

SEGA has unleashed a sensational free update for Sonic Frontiers called "Sonic's Birthday Bash" in honor of Sonic's 30th anniversary.

The Starfall Islands have been lavishly adorned with birthday decorations, setting the stage for an epic celebration. But the festivities aren't just superficial. Players can now experience the exhilaration of the iconic Spin Dash skill, enabling Sonic to navigate the Starfall Islands in thrilling new ways.

A variety of fresh challenges await in the Open Zones, inviting players to aim for high scores and showcase their skills. As if that weren't enough, new types of Koco with stylish outfits can be discovered, and a New Game+ mode allows players to embark on another adventure while retaining their hard-earned progress.

SEGA didn't stop at gameplay additions; they've also implemented several improvements to enhance the overall experience in Sonic Frontiers. Players can now conveniently view the percentage completion for each island, ensuring a clear sense of progress. The update includes a spiffy "Frontier Elite" costume and grants players the ability to adjust the deceleration rate during jumps, providing greater control over Sonic's movements. With the addition of the "NEW" icon, players will never miss out on freshly added content.

Various quality-of-life changes have been made, such as reducing the tower difficulty on Rhea Island's Easy mode and introducing visual marks for time-saving actions in Cyber Space. And to top it all off, SEGA has included more songs in the Juke Box and Sound Memories on each island, creating an even more immersive and enjoyable sonic experience.


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