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Stranger Things Season 5 Confirmed

Stranger Things Season 5 is officially confirmed to be the last hurrah for the Netflix series.

That's right, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have put a cap on the Upside Down adventure. They initially planned for the story to span four to five seasons, but it turns out it's just too massive to wrap up in four. So, season 5 will be the grand finale.

Production has hit a roadblock due to writers and actors strikes, which might push the release date to 2025. Yep, it's a long wait ahead. Season 5 is set to focus on Hawkins entirely, with Will Byers taking center stage. There's talk of a time jump, and it's likely to maintain the show's signature '80s nostalgia. Plus, Linda Hamilton, of Terminator fame, joins the cast.

So, get ready to bid farewell to Hawkins in what's bound to be a nostalgic and epic conclusion to Stranger Things.


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