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Supergiant Games “Hades 2”

Hades 2, that's right, the sequel to the hit roguelike by Supergiant Games, is in the works, and it's looking like a divine adventure.

You'll be stepping into the sandals of the Underworld Princess, Melinoë, among its witchcraft, gods, and monsters. We're still in the dark about the exact release date, as the devs have been hard at it since early 2021.

What we do know is that Hades 2 is starting its journey in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Supergiant Games is at it again, wanting you to dive into this adventure and give 'em feedback to whip up the best darn experience they can muster. And if you're wondering where you can nab this treasure, it's gonna debut on PC, but don't fret, it's got console platforms on its roadmap, and they'll be dropping details on that soon.

A feast of new locations, challenges, and upgrade systems await. With a bit of ancient magick, you can make those Night weapons pop, and with divine Boons from the gods, you'll be mightier than Zeus' beard. And remember those voices in your head? This time, they're real! A load of fully-voiced characters—some familiar faces, some fresh ones—will spice up your journey, as you build connections and trigger unique story events. And let's not forget the secrets of the Arcana Altar, witchy sidekicks, and the ever-shifting Underworld to explore. No multiplayer, it's all about that solo experience this time around. As you wade through the Styx, keep an eye out for more news on release dates and platforms.


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