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The Sidemen Charity Stream Deleted from Youtube

Group of YouTubers “The Sidemen”, recently held their annual charity match, with their livestream of the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 getting yanked off YouTube due to a DMCA strike from none other than the Premier League.

The exact reason for the strike? Still unknown. Luckily, they got the video back up after about half an hour. Maybe someone hit the wrong button? Who knows? It's just another chapter in YouTube's history of bizarre copyright strikes.

Some people are speculating that the London Stadium, where the match went down, being a Premier League-registered venue, could be the culprit behind this DMCA drama, but we've seen the Sidemen stream from other FA-registered stadiums without any issues.

Hashtag United, a YouTube-run club, also participates in the FA Cup, and they routinely post highlights of their games on YouTube without getting slapped with a copyright strike. You can imagine the community's confusion. Even KSI, one of the Sidemen members, was scratching his head over this one. In the end, the video's back, which by the way, raised a jaw-dropping £2 million for some great causes.

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