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WePlay Esports now known as WePlay Studios.

WePlay Esports, a prominent company in the esports industry, has recently undergone a rebranding and is now known as WePlay Studios.

The decision to rename the company reflects its ambition to expand beyond esports and enter the entertainment sector while still maintaining a strong presence in the gaming world.

With a decade of experience in organizing esports events and a large community of over 2 million fans, WePlay Studios aims to create innovative experiences and elevate the industry to new heights. The rebranding process will involve not only a name change but also a makeover of the brand's visual elements and a revamp of their online presence.

WePlay Studios has established itself as a small company in Kyiv, Ukraine, with a team of 12 passionate individuals. Over the years, their dedication and hard work have led to remarkable growth, expanding their team to over 150 employees and opening a second headquarters in Los Angeles, USA. The company has recognized the potential for brand renewal and has already begun strengthening its expertise in content creation and forming partnerships with influential content creators.

While venturing into the entertainment sector, WePlay Studios reassures its fans that it remains committed to esports and aims to grow and push boundaries with the support of its dedicated team and fanbase.


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