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Whatsapp Implementing New Features on their iOS Beta Version

Meta is stirring up quite the storm with a nifty new feature on their Whatsapp iOS beta version called "community examples."

Beta users can create their own little digital hangouts, known as communities, slapping in some instructional examples that guide their users on how to set up, add groups to 'em, and even keep everyone in the loop through special announcement groups.

WhatsApp's also sprinkling in some animated avatars and letting you send those videos in high quality! While it's not quite the original quality, they're at least cranking up the dial a bit.

For all you beta testers out there, you're the chosen ones, as this cool new thing is rolling out just for you via the TestFlight app. But fear not, WhatsApp isn't playing favorites for too long – they've got plans to unleash this feature to more and more users over the next few days.


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