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“X8” by Thirdverse, a VR First Person Shooter

Here comes X8, the latest multiplayer arena shooter to hit the virtual reality scene.

Forget about your typical hero shooters like Overwatch or Apex Legends, because X8 is here to take VR PvP to a whole new level.

Developed by Thirdverse, this game is a fresh breath of air, built from the ground up with VR in mind. It's a 5v5, team-based first-person shooter that's all about the heroic aspect of each character. Iit's not some rehashed VR edition of an old game like Call of Duty or Battlefield. No, it's a brand new world with unique characters and special abilities that'll blow your mind.

X8 currently boasts seven unique characters, and they're planning to add even more, possibly up to ten, before the game leaves Early Access. Each character is one-of-a-kind, and you can't have duplicates on a team. So, if you want to master this game, you'll need to get comfy with several characters. The only potential hiccup is matchmaking, but no worries there; Thirdverse has got you covered with bots for those low-population hours.

The gameplay is immersive with unique hand motions for special abilities, and it'll take a bit of practice to become a special ability powerhouse. Plus, the game's functionality is on point, with realistic weapon handling and tons of options to make you feel like you're really in the action. So, if you're a VR fan hungry for a fresh MOG VR hero shooter, X8 is where it's at – it's free on META Quest and Steam, with a PSVR release in the works. Get ready to dive into the VR battlegrounds and bring your A-game!


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