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Amazon Eyes Diamond Sports Group as Streaming Playground

Amazon is apparently diving headfirst into the sports content game. 

The e-commerce giant is currently in talks to invest in Diamond Sports, a regional-sports programmer that's been making waves. Diamond Sports Group, which recently filed for bankruptcy, is hashing out a deal with Amazon for a strategic investment and a multi-year streaming partnership. 

Amazon Prime Video might just become the go-to spot for catching all the action from Diamond's roster of over 40 major sports teams across the United States. That includes local rights to about half the teams in Major League Baseball, a third of the National Hockey League teams, and a good chunk of the National Basketball Association.

It seems Diamond Sports isn't just letting go of its traditional cable networks. Nope, they're keeping those partnerships intact, continuing to beam the games to your screens through the good old cable. As for the numbers, no one is sure how much cash Amazon is bringing to the table or what kind of valuation they're cooking up for this deal. 

One thing's for sure, Diamond has some creditor buddies cheering them on as they cozy up to Amazon. Sinclair Broadcast, Diamond Sports' parent company, is keeping a tight lip about it, and when we reached out to Amazon and Diamond Sports, well, radio silence. 

Looks like the ball's in play, and we'll be waiting eagerly to see how this streaming game unfolds!


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