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Apple Rewards Musicians for Diving into Spatial Sound

Apple is about to start rewarding musicians big time for diving into the world of spatial audio. 

Starting next year, artists who release their music in spatial audio on Apple Music will get some added weight in their pockets. And get this – they don't even need people to be streaming it in spatial audio for the rewards to roll in. Just having your music available in this format is enough to cash in. 

Now, why is Apple doing this? Well, almost all of Apple's gadgets, from AirPods to the upcoming Vision Pro headset, support spatial audio playback. So, this move is like a big nudge to make sure most of the tunes on Apple Music are in that sweet spatial format. 

And here's a fun fact: mixing music in spatial audio isn't breaking the bank, according to reports. So, this could be a game-changer, especially for indie musicians and smaller acts looking to spice up their sound without burning a hole in their wallets. 

Let's see if other streaming giants follow suit, or if Spotify's gonna keep marching to its own beat without the spatial twist.


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