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B.E.S.T. Academy Opens Cutting-Edge Music Studio

Atlanta's B.E.S.T. Academy, a specialized all-male public school serving economically disadvantaged minority students, has unveiled a cutting-edge music studio. 

Developed through a strategic partnership with 100 Black Men of Atlanta and the Music Education Group, this state-of-the-art facility aims to empower students with hands-on experience in music production, teaching vital skills such as hardware operation, Protools, Logic, and various software tools. The initiative is set to play a pivotal role in nurturing young talents within Atlanta's vibrant music and film industry, providing these students with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the local creative scene. This innovative program underscores a collective commitment to empowering underprivileged youth through education and practical skill development, emphasizing the transformative impact of community partnerships in fostering positive change.

In an exclusive interview on "City Lights" with host Lois Reitzes, B.E.S.T. Academy student Aiden Goforth, Music Education Group founder Ric Ross, and Ray Singer, director of programs at 100 Black Men of Atlanta, shed light on the profound impact of the new music studio on the academy's unique student body. The conversation explores the diverse opportunities the studio presents, offering insights into the specific skills students will acquire and the potential avenues this exposure might open within Atlanta's dynamic music and film scene. 

This collective effort signifies a powerful commitment to equipping disadvantaged youth with practical skills and education, highlighting the crucial role of community partnerships in driving positive and transformative change.


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