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CES 2024 Private Dinner and Networking Session

GTIF Capital, Salt Media, and the North American Collegiate League are co-sponsoring an exclusive Private Dinner and Networking Session at CES 2024. 

This event, targeted at industry heavyweights, content creators, celebrities, investors, and venture capitalists, promises unparalleled networking opportunities with major brands such as Sony, Xbox, Roland, Newer, and Razer. Attendees will engage in discussions about current market trends, future directions, and showcase their innovative projects to a distinguished audience. The event also offers the unique chance to be interviewed by 'College Esports Now' and 'World Esports Now,' enhancing participants' brand visibility. Furthermore, all proceeds from the event will support PlayNACL's 501(c)(3) non-profit initiative, providing academic scholarships for talented esports winners.

For those looking to maximize their impact, sponsorship opportunities are available, ranging from General Admission at $1,000 per ticket to Title Sponsorship at $5,000. The latter includes heightened visibility, exclusive benefits, and a tax-deductible donation for scholarships and education. GTIF Capital, Salt Media, and NACL, as leaders in the esports and media industry, guarantee a high-quality networking experience. This intimate and impactful event is not only a chance to be at the forefront of industry trends but also an opportunity to contribute to nurturing the next generation of esports talent through academic scholarships. 

With limited tickets available, securing a spot at this must-attend event ensures participation in an evening of unparalleled networking and collaboration.


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