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Samsung's SmartTag 2

Samsung's gearing up for a little shakeup in their SmartTag lineup.

You remember those little gizmos they dropped back in 2021? Yeah, those Galaxy SmartTags that help you keep track of your stuff? Well, the sequel might be closer than you think. These puppies just got the thumbs up from the FCC, so a launch could be right around the corner, like, in a matter of weeks!

The Galaxy SmartTag is great for people who want a smart tracker built to work with the SmartThings ecosystem, as well as their Galaxy devices. In addition, the Galaxy SmartTag can also control select smart appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and even vacuum cleaners.

Now, the leaked images are whispering sweet nothings about a total overhaul. Possibly named SmartTag 2, it looks mighty fine in an oval shape with a circular ring up top and a stylish "Galaxy SmartTag" branding towards the bottom, with an all fashionate keyring hole to top it all off. And function wise? This time they're not playing tag with features. Bluetooth LC? Check. Ultra wide band? Doble check.

If you’re a Samsung person, make sure to check it out!


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