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Candace Kanavel: Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and Miss Arizona USA

In a unique combination of roles, a Tempe police officer named Candace Kanavel has been crowned Miss Arizona USA. She now aims to inspire others and bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities across the nation.

Kanavel believes that by seeing her as a police officer and understanding that law enforcement personnel have families and diverse interests, people can look beyond the uniform and connect with officers on a human level. She hopes this perspective will help bridge the divide between law enforcement and the community.

Kanavel, who has been competing in pageants for 11 years and vied for Miss Arizona USA six times before winning the title, will represent her state in the upcoming Miss USA competition.

In addition, Kanavel is using her platform to empower young women through her initiative called "Yes, she can." Through this campaign, she teaches women self-defense and situational awareness skills, drawing from her daily training as a police officer.

Kanavel's diverse accomplishments as both a pageant queen and a police officer serve as a testament to the fact that women can pursue any career and excel in various fields, encouraging young girls to believe in their abilities and strive for success in any path they choose.


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